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Top 5 Hardcore Battle Positions

It takes a serious hardcore fucking picture to be the winner at Hardcore Battle. First, you need a cum loving whore that likes getting pounded in the ass, and hopfully sucking some cock or licking some chicks pussy at the same time. You need a girl that will lick your balls, and take a cock in every hole of her body. If you can find 2 or 3 of these cock loving whores then you are in even better shape. Check out the Hardcore Battle champion pictures, and see if you can learn what it takes to win the hardcore fucking battle.

1 - Taking a Cock up the Ass

Hardcore Battle loves chick who take it up the ass, preferably with their legs up in the air, or behind their heads. This way you know the chick is getting it deep in the ass, and is enjoying that seriously hardcore fuck. Plus, it gives us a great view of her hardcore money shot.

2 - One in the Stink and one in the Drink

What's better than a hardcore slut that takes a cock up the ass? One that will suck some other dude's cock in her mouth at the same time. After all, you gotta be sure you keep that bitch busy while you enjoy yourself! That way you can keep her hungry for your cock. By the way, be sure to check out the top 5 blow job positions on blow job battle. If you can combine any of these with some hardcore cock fucking, then you have the best hardcore battle picture ever!

3 - Double Penetration

What good is it to have wholes for cocks but not stick something in them? At hardcore battle we like to see bitches getting fucked every way possible, especially when it involves cocks in their slutty asses. If anyone can combine a blow job with this, then again, they have the best hardcore fucking picture ever!

4 - Pussy Licking Bonus

What goes great with a slamming cock in your pussy or ass? How about some other chick licking your twat? At hardcore battle we want to be sure that chick loves her hardcore sex too, so of course we need to be considerate of her com loving needs! The pussy licking bonus ensures that the bitch has the best hardcore sex, and will keep cumming back for more of your cock.

5 - Ball Licking Super Bonus

So sure, its great that we're thinking about the hardcore loving slut, but what about your needs? That's right, you might be fucking a slut six ways from sunday, but what about your balls? We know from the best blowjob positions that it is key that a slut love your balls as much as your dick. So put that shit it your mouth, bitch, and suck it! By the way, you probibly need 2 cum loving whores for this one, I don't think one can suck your balls while getting fucked. But if she can, that bitch is a keeper.

Now you know all about what it takes to make the best hardcore fucking picture for the hardcore battle. Be sure to check out the best blow job positions too. Combine any of the info on these two pages and you have yourself some awesome fucking porn!

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